Winter Water Systems

Winter Water Systems

Winterized Cottage Water Systems

Our self-draining winter water systems are the ideal way to supply water to your cottage year-round.

Lake, River & Deep Well Applications

Whether you are drawing water from a lake, river or well, we have a winter system that’s right for you.

Custom Solutions

All of our system packages are customized to provide the right cottage water system for your needs.


We have over 25 years experience specializing in cottage water systems with customers throughout Canada and the U.S.


Our self-draining systems use patented, specially-designed valves to automatically drain the supply line, keeping the line from freezing during the winter.

How Does the Self-Draining System Work?

Animated diagram showing how the Self-Draining Winter Water System works

  1. The Submersible Pump turns on and pushes water up to the cottage.
  2. Air from the empty Supply Line escapes through the Air Valve and the Pressure Tank fills with water.
  3. Once the Pressure Tank is full, the Pump shuts off and the Supply Line automatically drains back to the lake through the Diverter Valve Assembly.
  4. The portion of the Supply Line that passes through the ice is protected with a short Heating Cable. Because the rest of the line remains empty it does not need to be protected from freezing.

Cottage Water Supply’s Self-Draining System was profiled in Cottage Life Magazine

Cottage Water Supply - Cottage Life Magazine - Water On Tap - Winter 2000
Cottage Water Supply - Cottage Life Magazine - How To Get Water All Winter - Winter 2021

How To Get Water All Winter

Cottage Life Magazine – Winter 2021

Drainback Done Right

We’ve perfected drainback with our patented valves and systems. Improvised makeshift drainback systems used to result in air shooting through faucets or would drain through the pump and risk motor damage. Our patented systems have perfected drainback to eliminate these concerns.

No Need to Bury the Line

Ideal for situations where rocky terrain makes it impossible to bury the supply line below the frost.

Easy to Install

Our custom DIY packages are designed so anyone who is handy can install. Most of our systems come 90% pre-assembled. Detailed instructions and customer support are included with every system.

Low Maintenance

Our systems are built for ease of use and designed for low maintenance.

Durable & Reliable

We select quality components built for reliability and long life. Goulds and Pompco pumps are made in the U.S. and Canada. Goulds pressure tanks are made in Canada. All systems are built with brass, stainless steel and copper fittings.

Energy Efficient

Our self-draining system uses significantly less energy than a comparable heated line system. There is also no risk of damage with the drainback system in the event of a power outage.

Solar System? Off-The-Grid?

Our Self-Draining System B uses a pressurized air tank to drain the supply line below the ice. No heating cable required.

It is the perfect winter water system for Solar or Generator use.

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A Complete System Package Includes**:

Submersible Pump

Goulds GS Series stainless steel or Pompco ST stainless steel

Water Pressure Tank

Goulds HydroPro Series

Self-Draining Valve Kit Assembly

Cottage Water Supply patented valves

Tank Tee Assembly

Customized and fully assembled. Brass, stainless steel and copper fittings.

Poly Pipe

1″ heavy duty 100 PSI CSA poly pipe

Pump Cable

#12 or #10 pump cable

Pump Stand

Cottage Water Supply custom-designed submersible pump stand.
Hot-dip galvanized steel with PVC sleeve.

Heating Cable

Internal or External Serge Baril self-regulating heating cable.
Used to protect the poly pipe at the shore.

Pipe Insulation

Used to insulate pipe and heating cable at the shore.

System Requirements

  • Constant slope from the cottage to the water source — no dips or valleys
  • Minimum rise:run of 1:10
  • Minimum water depth of 7’ for placement of the pump in the lake

Does your cottage have different requirements?
We can always find a custom solution for you. Give us a call: 416-255-8087

*US Patents: 5,915,405 June 29, 1999; 5,803,111 Sept. 8, 1998; Canadian Patents: 2,174,148 Aug. 14, 2001; 2,196,486 Aug. 24, 1999.
**Systems are customized. Actual components may vary.