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Diagram describing Self-Regulating Heating Cable technology

Quality Heating Cables

Cottage Water Supply carries Serge Baril and Raychem self-regulating heating cables.

Self-Regulating Technology

The conductive polymer core automatically adjusts heat output at each point along the pipe. Heating cables designed with self-regulating technology also eliminate worry about overheating or burnouts from overlapping installations.

Internal or External

Internal heating cables are more energy-efficient and are spliced into the supply line. External cables are installed wrapped around the pipe. We sell self-regulating heating cables in either Internal or External versions depending on customer needs and application.

Easy to Install

Self-regulating heating cables require no complex installation procedures. Our heating cables come pre-wired with a GFCI plug and power cord. They can be installed straight-traced, spiraled, or overlapped.

Safe on Plastic Pipes

They can be used on plastic as well as metal pipes. Their self-regulating heating core adjusts automatically, to protect against overheating or developing hot spots when overlapped or covered with insulation.


Their self-regulating core generates heat when and where it’s needed. The core continuously adjusts its heat output to the environment at every point along the heating cable, thus reducing the overall energy cost for the season.

Pre-Assembled Kits or Custom Lengths

Our self-regulating heating cables are available in pre-made packages or can be made to custom lengths.

Protect Your Pipes

We also carry Serge Baril general use self-regulating heating cables designed to protect exposed plumbing. Available in convenient pre-assembled lengths from 6′ to 175′.

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