Self-Draining Water System B

Self-Draining Water System B

No Heating Cable Required

System B uses a pressurized Air Tank to purge water from the supply line below ice level. It does not require the use of a short piece of Heating Cable at the water source.

Ideal for Solar or Off-Grid Cottages

Since there is no heating cable required, this system is a good choice for cottages that are off-the-grid.


We have over 20 years experience specializing in cottage water systems with customers throughout Canada and the U.S.


Our self-draining systems use patented, specially-designed valves to automatically drain the supply line, keeping the line from freezing during the winter.


How Does Self-Draining System B Work?

Self-Draining Winter Water System B

  1. The Submersible Pump turns on and pushes water up to the cottage.
  2. Air from the empty Supply Line escapes through the Self-Draining Air Valve into the Air Tank. The Pressure Tank fills with water.
  3. Once the Pressure Tank is full of water, the Pump shuts off and the Supply Line automatically drains back to the lake.
  4. The pressurized Air Tank purges the Supply Line below ice level. Because the line remains empty it does not need to be protected from freezing.


A Complete System Package Includes**:

Submersible Pump

Goulds CS Series stainless steel or Pompco ST stainless steel

Water Pressure Tank

Goulds HydroPro Series

Self-Draining Valve Kit Assembly

Cottage Water Supply patented valves

Tank Tee Assembly

Customized and fully assembled. Brass, stainless steel and copper fittings.

Air Tank

Pressurized air tank to purge the supply line below ice level.

Poly Pipe

1″ heavy duty 100 PSI CSA poly pipe

Pump Cable

#12 or #10 pump cable

Pump Stand

Cottage Water Supply custom-designed submersible pump stand.
Hot-dip galvanized steel with PVC sleeve.

System Requirements

  • Constant slope from the cottage to the water source — no dips or valleys
  • Minimum rise:run of 1:10
  • Minimum water depth of 7’ for placement of the pump in the lake

Does your cottage have different requirements?
We can always find a custom solution for you. Give us a call: 416-255-8087


*US Patents: 5,915,405 June 29, 1999; 5,803,111 Sept. 8, 1998; Canadian Patents: 2,174,148 Aug. 14, 2001; 2,196,486 Aug. 24, 1999.
**Systems are customized. Actual components may vary.