Filtration System - Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer, Carbon Filter, Sediment FilterAn ideal water filtration and purification solution for the cottage uses an ultraviolet light sterilizer in conjunction with sediment and carbon filters.

Sediment filter: Removes sediment required for effective functioning of the UV unit as bacteria can hide behind particulate larger than 10 microns.

Carbon filter: Acts as a polishing filter improving the smell and taste of water and absorbing chemicals which could be present in the water (i.e. gasoline and oil from boats).

UV disinfection: typically offers a 99.99% reduction in both bacteria and virus, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia (beaver-fever), and is more effective than chemical disinfection process at destroying viruses.

UV is a physical disinfection process — no additives are required and it does not change the taste of the water. It simply provides safe reliable disinfection.

Cottage Water Supply filtration and UV purification systems come fully-assembled and are designed for easy winterization with specially-added drain valves. Our systems also include pressure gauges to indicate flow reduction / filter replacement, and are built with all metal fittings for durability.

UV sterilizer is made in Canada.


Replacement Filter Cartridges, UV lamps & Sleeves

Cottage Water Supply has replacement filters and lamps always stocked.

Available in-store or shipped.


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