Self-Draining Winter Water Systems

Cottage Water Supply specializes in winterized cottage water systems.

Our water systems use specially-designed valves to automatically drain your supply line whenever your pump stops, keeping your supply line from freezing in winter.

Our patented Self-Draining System can be used in lake, river, or deep well applications.

Cottage Water Supply also carries a complete line of pumps, tanks, heating cables, filters and UV sterilizers.

(US Patents: 5,915,405 June 29, 1999; 5,803,111 Sept. 8, 1998; Canadian Patents: 2,174,148 Aug. 14, 2001; 2,196,486 Aug. 24, 1999)

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Cottage Water Supply’s Self-Draining System was profiled in Cottage Life Magazine

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Our system is the most energy-efficient and has the lowest operating costs of any winter water system on the market. Perfect for off-grid, solar, and generator systems. Call us for more details: 416‑255‑8087

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Advantages of Our System

  • Self-Draining — Specially-designed valves quickly drain water from the supply line.
  • Ideal for solar or generator use because electrical power is not required 24 hours a day.
  • Converts to non-self-draining for summer use in minutes by closing one valve.
  • Lines do not have to be buried.
  • Water does not drain back through the pump.
  • No time wasted for seasonal draining or priming. The self-draining system is therefore a good choice even for people who use the cottage only in the summer.
  • A submersible pump system will provide you with much higher water pressure.
  • Anyone who is handy can install.
  • The most energy efficient system.

Disadvantages of Other Systems

Heated Supply Lines

  • Expensive to install and high energy costs.
  • Possible power failure can result in damaged lines.

Other Gravity Drainback Systems

  • Water drains back through the actual pump. Pump manufacturers warn against such a system because it causes the pump to spin in reverse several times the designed speed and if the pump motor starts while water is draining back, the pump shaft can break. Since a standard 40-gallon pressure tank only provides 4 gallons of water between the starting and stopping of the pump, the odds of the shaft breaking are relatively high.
  • Some gravity drainback systems drain through a small 1/8″ hole that is drilled in the upper body of the pump. This is inefficient because about 3 gallons of water are lost every minute that the pump is working. But the biggest problem is that such a small hole can easily clog causing the supply line to freeze.

For more information on our water systems:

For quick and accurate estimates and product information please give us a call: 416‑255‑8087

To provide an estimate for a self-draining water system the following basic information is required:

  • distance from the water pressure tank to the water’s edge;
  • approximate height above the lake/river level to the pressure tank;
  • distance from the water’s edge to where the water depth is about 4 ft. (to estimate the length of the heating cable);
  • distance from the water’s edge to where the water depth is about 8 ft. (to estimate the placement of the pump);
  • number of bathrooms.